Riverside Village Clinic

Riverside Village Clinic is here to serve you as a partner on your health journey. We are a full-service clinic including general care, physicals, women's health, routine vaccinations, nutrition and weight loss counseling, and more. Along with Riverside Village Pharmacy, we're able to provide a "health hub" for our community, a one-stop shop for visits, prescriptions, supplements, consultations, and more. Also a small, independent establishment, we provide the same personalized, friendly care as the pharmacy next door. Your health should be this way, never in the hands of a big business. A healthy community elevates everyone, and we're here to provide you with personalized care as if you were our friend and neighbor... because you are!

In addition to general care, the healthcare provider, Jennifer Campbell PA-C, specializes in functional medicine. This includes a full integrated body system approach to medicine where she addresses nutrition, emotional well-being, physical stressors (like obesity and chronic disease) and hormone health. Working with her, you receive individualized care and a long-term, big-picture plan. She addresses all aspects of wellness, entering into a relationship with you to address your health issues as a unified team with a holistic approach. Jennifer has training and experience in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and looks forward to working with men and women across the state to optimize your wellness and health.

For an appointment, contact 615-810-9595.

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