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Why Do Guts Matter?

The gut is now referred to as the "second brain". It produces hormones and neurotransmitters such as serotonin. We approach the gut as a main source to the healing process. The healthier the gut, the healthier the body.

Is Hormone Therapy For Me?

Hormone work addresses a multitude of issues that hormones effect, including stress, sexual function, skin, and more. Hormone work is for men and women of all ages.

Riverside Village Clinic Wellness Club

The Riverside Village Wellness Clinic Wellness Club is a journey from illness to wellness. With the knowledge and coaching you need and medical testing to accompany it, we'll address core systems of the body, as well as how they and your environment relate to each other. Membership includes:

  • Gut Wellness labs and consult
  • Hormone labs and treatment plan
  • Individualized plans and mentoring
  • Follow-up visits for progress checks
  • Weekly metabolic injections if needed (multiple vitamins)
  • Supplement guidance
  • Discount on Metagenics supplements
  • Discount on CBD oil
  • Welcome bag

The Wellness Club offers a way to pay an affordable monthly fee and participate in our concierge programs plus other perks for free. Instead of investing in the Gut Wellness program or Hormone Health program separately, our members receive full gut health labs, full hormone labs, supplement suggestions, mentorship, and follow-up visits.

As a member, you also have access to weekly Metabolic Boost (multiple vitamins) injections. The Wellness Club takes you on a big-picture journey from illness to wellness at an accessible price point. Join other community members taking responsibility for their well being and become a Club member today!

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