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Riverside Village Clinic Services

We provide the Nashville community with high-quality healthcare services, from women’s sexual health and annual physicals to vaccinations, hormone therapy, and gut wellness appointments.

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Gut Wellness Program

A healthy gut has a huge impact on your overall health. In addition to contributing to effective digestion, it can foster an improved mood, a strong immune system, healthy sleep, heart and brain health, and more. An entire community of microorganisms lives in your body, and the majority of them reside in your digestive system. We will work with you to get your gut health where it needs to be.

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General Care

Conditions we treat through general care appointments include chronic issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, as well as autoimmune conditions, ear infections, or even just the common cold.

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Hormone Therapy

Hormones control your body’s functions and processes, and if they aren’t balanced, the side effects can greatly affect your day-to-day quality of life. You can experience low libido, poor sleep, fatigue, brain fog, feelings of depression and anxiety, and more. Even a small imbalance can have a major impact! We can do hormone tests to ensure your endocrine system is producing the correct amounts and work to treat an imbalance.

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Women's Sexual Health

Come to Riverside Village Clinic for your annual checkups and preventative screenings! Services we offer regarding women’s sexual health include pap smears, pregnancy consultations and checkups, HPV vaccines, uterine and ovarian cancer screenings, and STD treatment and prevention. We also provide birth control consultations, and we treat women with or without insurance.

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Weight Loss

Weight loss medications are extremely effective at helping patients meet their weight goals, but they also require specific education and close monitoring for safe use. Often those who desire to lose weight often require additional support to manage their weight and metabolic health. At RVC, we want to do things differently and our program is designed to walk alongside you as you undertake the difficulty of weight loss.