Who We Are

Riverside Village Clinic is here to serve you as a partner on your health journey. We are a full-service clinic including general care, physicals, women's health, limited vaccinations (such as tetanus boosters and flu vaccines), nutrition, weight loss counseling, and more. Also a small, independent establishment, we provide the same personalized, friendly care as the pharmacy next door. A healthy community elevates everyone, and we're here to provide you with personalized care as if you were our friend and neighbor... because you are!

Our Mission

To inspire a healthier community by educating, empowering, and partnering with our patients on their journeys from illness to wellness.  

Our Services

General Care

Gut Wellness Program

Women's Care

Hormone Health Program

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We are a friendly neighborhood Primary Care Clinic that offers a wide variety of services for your healthcare & wellness needs. We are here to partner with you on your journey towards a healthier YOU, and having a better quality of life.

1406 B McGavock Pike | Nashville, TN 37216
p. 615.810.9595
f. 615.810.9730

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