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Riverside Village Clinic is here to serve you as a partner on your health journey. We are a full-service clinic including general primary care, gut health, nutrition, weight loss counseling, and more.

We provide the same personalized, friendly care as the pharmacy next door. A healthy community elevates everyone, and we're here to provide you with personalized care as if you were our friend and neighbor, because you are!


Our Mission

To inspire a healthier community by educating, empowering, and partnering with our patients on their journeys from illness to wellness.  

Our Services

Primary Care

Gut Wellness Program

Hormone Health Program



What is Holistic Health?



ho • lis • tic:

Holistic health and wellness focuses on the entirety of the human body, taking into consideration physical, mental, and emotional health as well as natural and traditional treatment options





Why Choose Holistic Healthcare


Holistic wellness is a term that gets thrown around quite a bit in today’s world of fad diets and “all-natural” and “organic” everything, but what exactly is holistic wellness, and how can holistic healthcare benefit you? Holistic wellness seeks to transform your entire body, from your mental health to your physical health, by taking into consideration all aspects of your being and your lifestyle in order to create a custom treatment plan for any ailments and illnesses you have. Working with a certified holistic healthcare professional means you always have access to a support team who is ready and able to help you set realistic health goals and meet them in order to live your best life.


Individualized Services


Working with a holistic healthcare professional means you can expect to receive a treatment plan tailored to your individual health and wellness needs, as opposed to a treatment plan created by a pharmaceutical company that pays your physician to dispense their medications. Instead, we’ll work with you to create a treatment option that includes supplements, natural remedies, and traditional medicine to treat the mind, body, and spirit.

The Newest Treatments


If you’re tired of visiting the same physician’s office that hasn’t seen an update since 1987, it’s time to visit a holistic healthcare center. In addition to the decor, which is designed to promote peace and calm, holistic wellness centers offer the newest healthcare treatments in women’s and men’s healthcare needs, metabolic wellness, cardiovascular health, joint support, gastrointestinal issues, sexual dysfunction, and more.

Live Your Best Life


With the support of a holistic wellness team of providers, you can live your best life now. No more wondering if and when you’ll feel better or get back to normal. With a whole health approach, we’ll find an effective treatment solution for your low energy levels, insomnia, anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, gastrointestinal issues, memory problems, and more. Why wait to discover what it’s like to feel your best self shining through.

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