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Riverside Village Clinic offers a variety of services for all patients, but we also offer tailored treatments specifically designed to help women live their best lives and pursue happiness and health on their own terms. Here’s what you can expect from our menu of healthcare services and treatments.


Why Choose Riverside Village Clinic for Your Health Needs?



Riverside Village Clinic offers comprehensive yet convenient treatments and services to help busy women receive easy access to the care they deserve without the hassle of visiting dozens of healthcare providers. Along with sexual health services and hormonal health therapy, Riverside offers preventative care and treatment, the best of both worlds, with traditional and holistic healthcare services.


Pharmacy + Clinic

Our clinic is located right next door to our sister pharmacy, making it easy, affordable, and convenient to fill and pick up prescriptions for the whole family. Riverside Village Pharmacy also offers compounding services as well as online and automatic refills, flexible payment plans, free diabetic testing supplies and education classes, diabetic A1C testing, and more.


Holistic Healthcare

With both traditional and holistic healthcare services, Riverside Village Clinic offers patients the opportunity to treat underlying causes of chronic and acute diseases and concerns, not just the symptoms. Our goal isn’t just to get you feeling better. Our goal is to help you continue feeling better and walk with you on the journey from illness to wellness.



Our Women's Healthcare Services


Women's Preventative Care

Riverside Village Clinic offers comprehensive preventative care for both women and men in Nashville. From chronic disease treatment and prevention to acute and wellness care, we serve a variety of healthcare needs with traditional and holistic practices.



Women's Hormone Health

Hormones play a vital role in the regulation of various functions in a woman's body. When you have hormone deficiencies, your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing could suffer. Don't let hormone and nutrient imbalances keep you from feeling your best.



Women's Sexual Health

From birth control options to uterine, ovarian, and breast cancer prevention, every woman deserves a sexual health advocate and wellness provider. Riverside Village Clinic offers a variety of gynecology services for women in Nashville.



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