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What is Holistic Wellness?

April 19, 2019

What is holistic wellness?

Holistic health and wellness is the practice of treating the whole mind, body, and spirit. While a traditional healthcare provider may seek to treat various symptoms you present without considering other factors which may be at play, a holistic wellness provider will seek to find the root cause of your symptoms and treat all accordingly.

What does holistic mean?

The holistic approach allows you to gain an understanding of how the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of your being work together. In other words, the holistic approach focuses on the whole human body.

If one part of your body is not aligned, the rest of you will likely notice. For example, individuals with gastrointestinal problems are also at risk for developing anxiety, depression, and mood disorders, and individuals with vitamin deficiencies may experience physical and mental side effects. A holistic wellness approach seeks to combine clean eating, exercise, and traditional medicine with an understanding of hormone levels, vitamin levels, gut health, and more.

What are common holistic wellness practices?

Some of the most common holistic wellness practices include vitamins and supplements, hormone therapy, essential oil therapy, acupuncture, and nutritional guidance. Many holistic wellness providers, like those at Riverside Village Clinic, offer both holistic practices and traditional medical services, including:

✓ Wellness Exams

✓ Women’s Health Exams

✓ Prescriptions

✓ Acute care (Wound Treatment, Suturing, Etc.)

What are the advantages of holistic wellness compared to traditional medicine?

Because holistic wellness methods combine traditional medicine with a whole-health approach, providers seek to help patients not only achieve relief from symptoms and disease, but to address underlying lifestyle and nutrition choices which can create illness and disease in the first place.

Holistic Healthcare in Practice

For example, a holistic healthcare provider may work with a diabetic patient to create a functional nutrition and exercise plan along with providing prescriptions for insulin, test strips, and other supplies. For a patient with high blood pressure, a holistic healthcare provider may prescribe lifestyle changes such as a healthier diet and more exercise or refer him or her to a nutritionist for additional care in addition to prescribing blood pressure medication.

4. Pillars of Holistic Wellness at Riverside Village Clinic


✓ Are your mental, physical, and emotional states well cared for?

✓ How can we help ensure you are able to live your best life and enjoy your best self?

✓ Are you able to achieve your full potential?

✓ Is clean eating and fitness a regular part of your lifestyle?

✓ How can we support you in your health and wellness goals?

✓ How can we help you set health and wellness goals if you don’t currently have them?

Our holistic approach covers four main facets of health and wellness:

✓ Hormonal Health

✓ Gut Health

✓ Nutrition

✓ Fitness (Mental + Physical)

1. Our Holistic Approach to Hormonal Health + Wellness

We begin your journey to optimal hormonal health and wellness by measuring your current levels of hormones and micronutrients such as:

✓ Chromium

✓ Magnesium

✓ Vitamins A, B, C, D, and more

✓ Thyroid Hormones

✓ More

There are direct links between hormone and micronutrient deficiencies and metabolic, physical, and mental disorders. There is evidence to show a link between low vitamin D levels and depression and mood disorders as well as a link between vitamin B12 deficiency and early onset dementia.

READ MORE: What Your Hormone Levels Indicate

Side Effects of Hormone and Micronutrient Deficiencies

Because hormonal and micronutrient deficiencies can lead to serious health complications, it’s important to know how you can supplement your own deficiencies with hormone therapy and supplements to prevent and treat current and potential health problems.

2. Our Holistic Approach to Gut Wellness

As with hormonal and micronutrient health, gut health is absolutely essential to consider when addressing any health concerns. Studies continue to reveal the direct link between gut health and mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. More and more individuals are experiencing food intolerance and allergies that if left unaddressed can lead to serious inflammation in the gut.

✓ Psychology Today: The Gut-Brain Connection, Mental Illness, and Disease

✓ Psychom: The Gut Brain Connection: How Gut Health Affects Mental Health

✓ Harvard Health Publishing: The Gut-Brain Connection

✓ National Center for Biotechnology Information: Gut Microbiota’s Effect on Mental Health

The Importance of Gut Wellness for Holistic Wellness

Because the makeup of your gut can affect other aspects of your wellbeing, we treat gut health as a vital part of your healthcare regimine. We’ll work with you to measure your current gut microbiome and use supplements, nutrition, and guidance to help alleviate symptoms and disease.

3. Our Holistic Approach to Nutrition + Clean Eating


Many people are aware of the effects of fast food and processed food on the body. Some of the most common symptoms of a poor diet are some of the most frequent reasons for healthcare visits.

✓ Depression + Anxiety

✓ Bloating

✓ Nausea + Vomiting

✓ Gastrointestinal Issues

✓ Heartburn + Acid Reflux

✓ Insomnia

✓ Lack of Focus + Mental Clarity

✓ Weight Gain

Benefits of Healthy Eating

You know eating junk food makes you feel bad and can damage your body, but did you know that clean eating and healthy eating habits can not only make you feel better, they can lead to healing within and without? Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can not only reduce and prevent inflammation, it can lead to:

✓ Improved Skin

✓ More Clarity + Focus

✓ More Energy + VItality

✓ More Stamina

✓ Less Constipation

✓ Fewer Gastrointestinal Issues

✓ Improved Sleep

The Importance of Healthy Eating for Holistic Wellness

Because healthy eating affects the body both internally and externally, it remains one of the pillars of holistic wellness. While medications may treat symptoms, healthy eating can help prevent them. Along with exercise, supplements to address any vitamin deficiencies, and gut wellness, healthy eating can be as efficient, if not more efficient, at preventing and curing symptoms and illnesses you’re experiencing. This is why our providers work to help you create a nutrition plan that addresses your personal needs.

4. Our Holistic Approach to Fitness + Exercise

Holistic wellness addresses both mental and physical health, as studies indicate exercise, yoga, meditation, and other forms of mindfulness and movement can have a tremendous impact on the body and soul. Exercise is as vital to your health as daily supplements, medications, and clean eating. Our providers will work with you to create a fitness regimen that considers your personal health goals and fitness levels so you can experience a healthier, happier version of you.

Holistic Health + Wellness Clinic | Nashville, TN


Ready to experience a holistic healthcare clinic that cares about your body, mind, and soul? Our clinic accepts insurance and private payments and offers a variety of traditional and holistic healthcare services, including:

✓ Wellness Exams

✓ Gut Health Program

✓ Hormone Testing + Therapy

✓ Immunizations and Physicals

✓ Women’s Wellness Exams

✓ Prescriptions

✓ Acute Pediatric Care for Infants 1 Year and Older

Visit our clinic in Nashville or make an appointment online.

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